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More than 29 years ago, GONCALVES & TORTOLA S.A began working in the chicken industry. Goncalves Poultry is the result of his determination to achieve excellence and, two generation later, the business continues to grow, following the inspiring values of it’s founder.

Goncalves Poultry slaughterhouse strives to always meet the highest industry standards. We diligently follow a very strict quality assurance program, and all our chicken- based products are monitored and registered . This concern for excellence afforded HACCP certification. In addition, as a federal establishment (SIF4166), we benefit from the presence of an inspector from the Brazilian Food Inspection Agency permanently assigned to our facilities.

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Goncalves & Tortola S.A.(SIF4166)
Goncalves & Tortola S.A.(SIF4166)

Consistency and Quality

We offer our clients the highest quality products in an efficient and timely manner according to our client’s needs, no matter the season. Our teams are carefully selected for their exceptional produce and commitment to supplying a vast range of global markets. We, in turn, provide this high-quality produce to hospitality, retail, foodservice, wholesalers and restaurants throughout the world. Our efficient supply chain allows for traceability and our premium products to be delivered consistently, from farm to plate.

Quality Approved...
Goncalves & Tortola S.A.(SIF4166)
Goncalves & Tortola S.A.(SIF4166)

A reputation for quality. A passion for taste.

Our plant is a Federally Inspected, HACCP Approved facility. We are suppliers too many buying groups and are a proud member of the South American Processing Association. All our fresh and frozen products are fully customizable in accordance with customer specifications in terms of packaging, format, volume and generic or private labelling.

Goncalves & Tortola S.A.(SIF4166)
Goncalves & Tortola S.A.(SIF4166)
Goncalves & Tortola S.A.(SIF4166)
Goncalves & Tortola S.A.(SIF4166)
Working With The Best

With state-of-the-Art IQF facilities in Brazil, local and international distribution partnerships and a long list of successful clients.

SIF: 4166  and SIF 1860 
    Cadastro: 85.070.068/0001-08   
CHINA REG NUMBERS: CBRA01051808010026 and CBRA01051909090040


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